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Why Endurance Warranty Instead of Others?

Extended warranty companies are dime a dozen these days, so why choose us? Easy. We actually care about you. From the packages we provide, more added perks than anyone else or our specialized Auto Advocate team, you can drive confidently knowing we have your back, in good times, but especially the bad.

Most Plans Administered Directly By Endurance

Believe it or not, most other warranty companies only talk to you when they sell you the plan. Once you are a member, you probably won't ever talk to them directly again. With Endurance, we have a whole team dedicated to stay by your side for every breakdown, question and concern.

Your Own Auto Advocate Team.

We know a lot about cars, trucks SUV's-you name it. In fact, we have entire team of retired mechanics that work with your mechanic to ensure you are getting the best deal on your repairs, and nothing you don't actually need.

Accepted By Your Dealership Or Any Certified Mechanic.

Local repair shops and dealerships all throughout the United States accept Endurance vehicle protection. We encourage our customers to choose the repair facility that they are most comfortable with. As long as a certified mechanic is doing the work on your vehicle, your Endurance vehicle protection will be accepted.








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